Thursday, July 23, 2009

i was browsing online today and started to wonder what furniture is out there that is made from bikes, and I came upon this site

Stuffed Chair

The Stuffed Chair is named for the phenomenon of head-on bicycle collisions which result in a bicycle frame with a compacted dimensional state. That is, they have been 'stuffed'. When a bike has been "stuffed" it is usually best to replace the damaged frame.

The bike frames used in this chair model have often been the victim of this destructive occurrence.
In fact, the rider of the frames shown in this photo had the misfortune to hit a deer (Rossin), and a cattle grate (Serotta).

Don't want to see your damaged or unused frame go to the scrap yard? Send it to us and we will turn it into stylish comfort.
We can also create a chair for you from our ample supply of frames.

This chair is available in the full range of BFD upholstery options, such as inner-tubes, seat-belts, and padded cushions in choice of fabric.

Please email for current pricing and availability:

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