Friday, October 23, 2009

Every one probably saw this but so what, I wanna give my man Tom White a shout out, and get well soon...Off POP

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TOM WHITE: Questions & Photo by Rob Dolecki

So what happened?
Tom: I went on a trip recently to finish up my Animal part. It was supposed to be for three weeks. The second day I blew my knee out. It was on something stupid, I just put my foot down wrong. I instantly knew what I did to it. I couldn’t walk, so I came home early from the trip and went to the doctor. I found out the other day I tore my ACL, the cartilage, my meniscus, and bruised my bone, so I have to get surgery. I scheduled it for next week.

Since the deadline for the next Animal video is on the horizon, that’s a wrap for your part?
I was going to postpone my surgery and try to strengthen up my leg, and hopefully within a month or so be able to ride if I wore a brace, but I spoke to Bob (Scerbo) and the deadline is kinda soon, so I don’t think I could heal fast enough and then film stuff, so my part is pretty much done. I would have been way more psyched to film my enders because I was saving all that stuff, and now I can’t do it. But whatever, I got some good stuff. I’ll film for the next Skavenger video; psyched for that, and I’ll keep going and going.

How do you like how your Stay Fit part turned out?
It was alright. I was psyched on how it worked out. I just went on three trips to Cali, and a little filming around here in Philly. My main filmer here is Navaz, and he’s just filming for the Animal video, so I’m more psyched on my part for that video.

What are your thoughts on the whole Fit fiasco?
I’m still friends with both sides; there’s no hate. I really could care less. Money’s money, you know what I mean. To each his own. Friends are friends, but you gotta put that stuff to the side and worry about business. Good luck, I guess, to those guys with the company they are going to start. I’m still happy and psyched on Fit.

So what made you finally change your voicemail greeting for the first time in two years?(Ed. note - Tom had an away voicemail message about being out of the country on a trip from about two years ago until just last week, where he changed it to a new away message for the trip he was just on.)
Because I had a real important phone call I was waiting for, so I had to let the guy know when I was going to be back. Probably in another two years I’ll still have the same message.

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