Thursday, December 3, 2009

Banks update.. I saw this in my e-mail from Ed Polio

Lets do it!! Everybody email this guy and tell him not to close the banks 
On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 1:08 AM, steveR 
This is the person who needs to hear concerns about the brooklyn banks closing.  If you have time and could send him an e-mail or call(if you really have time)
I was told that if enough people call/email in then they will realize how important this spot is to the NYC "action sports" community.
Regardless of what happens down there(and I will have updates this week) the more people that contact him the better chance we have of making sure that any work done near/at skate spots is done in a manner that keeps the community that uses the space in mind.
Please pass this information on to people who you know will e-mail him as well.
Press Secretary at NYC Department of Transportation. Seth Solomonow 212-839-4850
Thanks everyone.
PS. As you can see we lost another spot this week(FDR Jersey Barrier) totally fenced off for DOT staging.  With over a 1/2 a mile of spots to put this it was put right in front of the barrier?!

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  1. DOT appreciates the mostly respectful and cooperative feedback we have received from the communities that use the Brooklyn Banks. We have been issuing a response to all who write in, which I am sure is filtering around the community.

    The appropriate address to send concerns is:

    If you could please update your post to reflect this, then concerns can be managed as effectively as possible and Seth can get back to his real work. Thank you.

    Sabrina Lau
    Community Outreach for the Brooklyn Bridge