Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hey, you with the bootleg Angel Witch t-shirt! So, you own 1 of every colored vinyl version available of both Witchfinder General LP's. You can name every line-up of Tygers of Pan Tang, and the years they existed. You wish Iron Maiden would do a reunion tour with Paul Di'Anno. Basically you're a New Wave of British Heavy Metal fanatic. That's cool, but you gotta be bummed out that almost everything you listen to is 30 years old. Well NWOBHM fan prepare to find that elusive new band; New York's very own Natur. That's right, a new heavy metal band playing old metal. Not thrash, not black, and not death. Just old. Natur's debut 7" record on The Year is One Records will be available September 2010.

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