Friday, October 15, 2010

RedBull anounces Trick or Treat Teams

Red Bull USA announced team lineups and riders for the 2010 Red Bull Trick or Treat Jam coming to Brooklyn, N.Y. on Friday, October 29, and some of the teams, are, how do I say it ... unique. Starting with Team 3, which consists of 2-Hip's Marlon Europe alongside Cult's Chase Dehart, and ending with Team 16, which consists of Cult's Chase Hawk alongside Felt's Scotty Cranmer, the Trick or Treat Jam is shaping up to be a contest unlike any other we've seen thus far this year. The contest, visiting Newtown Barge Park, consists of 16 teams of two riders each, runs as a trick-for-trick jam session elimination format, and full team lineups are below.

Team1: Edwin De La Rosa and Brad Simms
Team 2: Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams
Team 3: Marlon Europe and Chase Dehart
Team 4: Davey Watson and Jack Maddock
Team 5: Mike Hoder and Jackson Ratima
Team 6: Tom White and Dave Belcher
Team 7: Ralph Bury and Andy Gregory
Team 8: Mike Brennan and Jared Washington
Team 9: Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos
Team 10: Butcher and Garrett Hoogerhyde
Team 11: Tyrone Williams and Taco
Team 12: Kenny Horton and Joel Barnett
Team 13: Aaron Ross and Eric Lichtenberger
Team 14: Tony Hamlin and Sean Sexton
Team 15: Bruno Hoffman and Dakota Roche
Team 16: Chase Hawk and Scotty Cranmer

The event is free for all ages, and will feature DJ Freqnik, in partnership with The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and City Sports Alliance. Costumes are encouraged for both riders and onlookers. Prizes will be awarded to the most creative costumes in the crowd.

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